16 February 2019, Saturday, 11:26
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Mothers 328 Activists:If Nothing Works, We Will Take Up Pitchfork


About 20 activists from all over Belarus go to Kachanava today.

Tatsiana Kaneuskaya told BelSat about this. She and other mothers of convicts under the drug article are going to Minsk.

"We want to come to Kachanava’s office although we didn’t have a planned appointment. . During our conversation on May 2, we heard some promises of the "deputies", and they are not being fulfilled. We want to ask questions and talk to have an idea of what's going on. Now there is complete silence. We want peaceful negotiations," - says Tatsiana Kaneuskaya and jokingly adds that if nothing works, then they will have to take up pitchfork.

The women also intend to go to the House of Representatives to talk with the deputies.

"They are our elected representatives, they should work for us, but it has not been seen yet that they are in a hurry to make a decision," - says Tatsiana Kaneuskaya.

In December 2014, Lukashenka signed the so-called "anti-drug decree", which provides for toughening of punishment for drug-related crimes. The authorities say that thanks to Lukashenka's decree, there are fewer crimes related to illegal drug trafficking in Belarus. Meanwhile, relatives of convicts and experts believe that there is an indicative fight against drugs, but under the blow were not drug dealers, but mostly those who used light drugs in small doses. Many of them were deliberately set up.

The mothers of convicts under "narcotic" articles seek to reduce the terms of punishment and re-examination of the cases. In the Kalinkavichy and Pukhavichy districts, the activists of the Mothers 328 movement held a hunger strike for 14 days - from April 27 to May 11. They twice went to the administration of Lukashenka and on the 14th day they stopped the hunger strike, having received from the officials a promise that the draft law on mitigation of punishment "for drugs" will be quickly transferred to the deputies for consideration. The women were denied personal meeting with Lukashenka.