23 February 2019, Saturday, 4:38
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Andrei Makarevich About Kurapaty: Opening A Restaurant In Such Place Is Disreputable


The Russian musician spoke in support of the defenders of Kurapaty.

Frontman of the “Time Machine” rock band, architect by education and host of the “Smak” TV-show Andrei Makarevich commented on the situation with the restaurant near Kurapaty and answered the question on where the border between “have a good lunch” and respect to memory should lie, Radio Liberty reports.

“Every normal person should feel this line. Because, these are such delicate things it’s hard to define them in terms of legislation. Of course, everything that concerns preservation of memory, especially tragic memory is very sore, both for Russia and, besides, for Belarus as well.

Opening a restaurant in such place, in my opinion, is just disreputable. It doesn’t matter whether there is a memorial or not, or whether it will be there someday. I hope it will.

However, of course it would have been better if they hadn’t started building that restaurant in the first place, than have it blocked after they already built and opened it.

It’s very easy to give advice from aside, blind-folded. However, a human being should feel this line without reminding,” - Andrei Makarevich said.