22 April 2019, Monday, 0:09
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Pavel Seviarynets: I Am Proud To Participate In Protests Against Belarusian NPP Construction


The politician was fined for more than a thousand rubles.

The leader of the Belarusian Christian Democracy was tried in the Savetski District Court of Minsk. Pavel Seviarynets was accused of violating the permitted procedure for conducting the Chernobyl Way action and calling for protest actions against the construction of the Astravets nuclear power plant, Radio Liberty reports.

At the trial Pavel Seviarynets denied the police information from the protocol, according to which on April 26 he made a speech near the Kastrychnik movie theatre, where the participants of the Chernobyl Way gathered, and not near the chapel after the procession. "The rally was allowed there," - Pavel Seviarynets insisted.

As for appeals to citizens to participate in the alleged monthly protests against the construction of the Astravets nuclear power plant, Seviarynets admitted that he informed people about the protest actions, since he considers the construction of the nuclear power plant in the Astravets district a crime.

"As a graduate of the Faculty of Geography of Baku State University I am well aware of this danger. The Astravets nuclear power plant is built in the place of four geological fault lines, it is impossible to build nuclear power plants there, and I am proud that I join the protests against this construction," - Pavel Sevyarynets said.

The opposition politician believes that it was the Russian leader Putin who ordered Lukashenka to build a nuclear power plant precisely in the Astravets district in order to "blackmail Europe."

Police officer Pavel Matskevich testified against the politician. The second witness, policeman Siarhei Zhurko, did not appear in court.

Concerning the next fine, Pavel Seviarynets waved-off: "There are still so many trials ahead, I have about 20 protocols for Kurapaty ..."

Pavel Seviarynets was tried by judge of the Savetski District Court Vera Halaukova, of whom Pavel Seviarynets sought recusal, but failed to achieve any positive result. Also, Judge Halaukova refused to hold the process in Belarusian. She fined the politician for 45 base fees - 1102 rubles 50 kapeykas.

The Chernobyl Way was held in Minsk on April 26. The rally and demonstration were sanctioned by the city authorities.