23 February 2019, Saturday, 21:05
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The Rebels of 1863 Monument Installed On The Belarusian-Polish Border

The battle between the legendary field commander and the Russian army took place near Hrushki 155 years ago.

A traveler can see the Rebels of 1863 monument in Hrushki village near the current Belarusian-Polish border, Radio Svaboda reports.

Today Hrushki village, the part of the Avgustovski County, belongs to gmina with the center in Płaska. Earlier it was the village of the Hrodna district, Trotski province.

On 28 June 1863 the detachment of Iosif Romatovski, a legendary field commander, resisted the Russian army, which aimed at suppression of the liberation movement.

The Russian army was defeated near Hrushki. A hundred years later the monument dedicated to the event is installed there. Locals pay the tribute to the memory of rebels.