26 February 2020, Wednesday, 12:49
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Uladzimir Niakliaeu: What’s The Point Of Playing With Such Regime?

Uladzimir Niakliaeu: What’s The Point Of Playing With Such Regime?

The dictator is incapable of organizing defense of Belarus.

On June 26 a working group on Belarus was held in Brussels in the framework of the 7th session of the Eastern Partnership Parliamentary Assembly (Euronest). Charter97.org asked one of the participants, poet and representative of the Belarusian National Congress Uladimir Niakliaeu what was actually said about Belarus during the event:

- Recently, there has been a tendency in the EU for the preservation of the Lukashenka regime. This, of course, is not due to the fact that someone in the West has fallen in love with the Belarusian ruler and sees the prospect of internal changes in the country. Such trends are related to the political and economic situation in Europe. Unfortunately, it worsens. The West is thinking about how to cure itself and maintain security and stability for its citizens. European officials should look good before their voters. Nevertheless, as I understand it, lobbying trends also appeared. They, to some extent, manifested themselves in the speeches of representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the World Bank. Of course, everyone says that there are problems with human rights in Belarus, there are repressions, there is pressure on the media, and the blocking of the website Charter97.org was also recalled. But then they started to say that the situation in Belarus is not hopeless, and if a correct approach to the matter is applied, then everything can be improved by working with this regime.

When I spoke, I called such a policy "tug of war". On the one hand, Belarus is pulled by the EU, and on the other – by Russia. I believe that this thesis is completely wrong, because the conversation is about the future of Belarus, and not about the future of the regime. Where will our country be, will it be free, democratic, or turn into a colony of Moscow? It cannot happen any other way. Let's recall the words of Lukashenka, who said that we will have to somehow join this Russia. What is the point of playing with such a regime? He is not able to organize protection against the imperial ambitions of the Kremlin, and he is not going to. European officials are appealing to the fact that they have already begun this policy, they will not stop it. I answer them that there is no need to stop, no one says that you do not need to talk, but you have stopped helping the Belarusian society and democratic forces. Now Europe turned its face to Lukashenka's regime. Moreover, they began to bleach the Lukashenka regime. Belarusian officials are already shouting that they have been recognized in the West, met at the highest level - that means everything is fine with them. And this leads to the fact that all the crimes that this regime has committed for almost a quarter of a century, go into oblivion. Why am I still engaged in the opposition politics? Yes, because the destruction of Belarus is going on. For me, first of all, Lukashenka's regime destroys Belarus, our language, culture and self-identification. And I do not see any changes and aspirations for change. And all attempts to strengthen the current government are working against the future of Belarus. Every day the regime is in power, it takes one day away from our future.

From the conversation it turns out that it was directly said about the Russian bases in Belarus, I know this absolutely exactly, as one source from Moscow told me about it. Russia decided to deploy air defense systems on the western border. Of course, Lukashenka does not like this. This means the complete failure of the policy begun by Makei to move closer to Europe. Lukashenka could not stand his nerve and he sort of blurted it out. But the question is how he will protect this country and himself. Well maybe he will think of something as how to protect himself, but how to protect the country, which is in full dependence on the person leading the confrontation with you - I can hardly imagine. There are mistakes that persecute a person all his life. Unfortunately, the drama of one person becomes a tragedy of the whole nation. This is the result of Lukashenka's almost quarter-century work as ruler.