27 March 2019, Wednesday, 2:37
For our and your freedom!

Mikalai Charnavus: Anarchy In Country Gains Momentum Year By Year


The authorities have been singing Circe-like songs for 25 years.

Residents of the Severny district of Baranavichy are fighting for an asphalt bypass road to the Brest-Minsk highway.

After 25 years of living in the district, they got tired of swallowing dust. The town administration has given promises to asphalt the road more than once, especially before the "elections." Finally, State Control officer Aleh Danilau announced the long-term plans regarding the issue.

Public activist Mikalai Charnavus comments on the situation to Radio Racyja: "State Control Committee representative Aleh Danilau explained to me that it will be done after the construction of the Severny district 2, only then the asphalt will be put, and this will happen in 15 years."

35 people asked "deputy" of the regional "council" Uladzimir Herasimovich for help – the former chief of the police, who was transferred to the region. They decided to publish a copy of the appeal in the regional newspaper Nash Krai. But editor-in-chief Tatsiana Karpik said that they would not get involved and asked even not to wait for an answer. Mikalai Charnavus is indignant: "The anarchy in the country increases every year. They treat us like dirt. Not only do not they perform the work, but they do not even want to give an answer. The authorities have been singing Circe-like songs for 25 years."