23 February 2019, Saturday, 21:11
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Businessman Siarhei Shakutsin Detained Under Investigation Of "Physicians’ Case"


Along with medical functionaries and doctors, the security officers have detained a group of businessmen.

Along with medical functionaries and doctors, the security officers detained a group of businessmen who were involved in the supply of medicines and medical equipment. Iskamed director Siarhei Shakutsin is among them, tut.by portal users report.

"The businessmen are suspected of giving bribes to officials," – the interlocutors inform. According to them, the businessmen are brazening it out.

The Iskamed company was established in May 1995. Today, it is one of the largest private enterprises in the pharmaceutical market of Belarus.

The network of Iskamad pharmacies consists of 84 outlets in various regions of the country, the company's website says.

Iskamad's position is also strong in the wholesale market. According to market participants, the company is among the three distributors and importers of medicines.

The enterprise has concluded direct contracts with the leading Belarusian manufacturers, factories of the near and far abroad countries. The company's clients are state-owned pharmaceutical enterprises, medical and preventive institutions, the largest private pharmacy chains and a large number of independent pharmacies, the company's presentation says.

Iskamad employs more than 400 people.

Siarhei Shakutsin is the younger brother of Aliaksandr Shakutsin, chairman of the board of directors of Amkodor - Holding Management Company.

The law enforcement agencies refused to comment on the situation.

We remind that on June 25, KGB chairman Valer Vakulchyk reported that the committee had uncovered a large-scale corruption scheme in Belarus’ healthcare sector, several dozen people were detained. Among them –director of the Center for Expertise and Testing in Healthcare Aliaksandr Staliarou, Belmedtekhnika director Aliaksandr Sharak, Head of the Health Department of Hrodna Region Executive Committee Andrei Stryzhak and head of the military-medical administration of the Defense Ministry Aliaksei Yaskou. Later it became known about the detention of Deputy Minister of Health Ihar Lasitski, head physician of Minsk regional hospital Andrei Karalko, Director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics Aliaksandr Bialetski, chief physician of the 9th hospital Valer Kushniarenka and endoscopic department head Andrei Sauchanka.