27 March 2019, Wednesday, 2:39
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Doctors’ Case: ‘My Friend Was Taken Away By People In Military Uniform’


Employees of medical institutions discuss mass arrests.

More than 50 people have already been detained, but the flywheel of the so-called "medics' case" is only gaining momentum.

The corruption scheme for the purchase of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals is likely to be characteristic of the whole state system, the journalists of Belsat state. According to our information, head of the forensic committee Andrei Shved was also detained, and godfather of Mikalai Lukashenka Vasil Zharko has left for the first meeting with the investigators.

It seems to be an ordinary day at Minsk 9th clinical hospital at first glance. Patients, doctors, parcels. However, the “doctors’ case” is making a fuss among the workers of the institution.

"Well, today my friend was taken away by the people in military uniform, they escorted him in handcuffs, on a police car," - says the janitor.

According to our information, only on Friday up to 15 employees of the 9th hospital were detained. People in the vests of the KGB detained doctors right in the eyes of the patients. Hospital administration is not available, doctors say not to worry when the camera is off - it's only about the administration staff.

And this is only the 9th hospital. Yesterday it became known about the detention of the Deputy Minister of Health Ihar Lasitski and the heads of the subsidiaries of the ministry. More than 30 of their colleagues have already got into the remand prison during the last month.

Vasil Belmach is a pensioner. Six months ago he brought to the "People’s Affairs" program the documents that caused the information wave around corruption in medical purchases. The 6th Minsk hospital sold Vasil the prosthesis, illegally brought to Belarus, at a price several times higher than the original, and without accompanying technical documents.

"They gave me no information, whether about the technical characteristics of the prosthesis, or about the loads, or for how long it can stay in my body. It turns out this is all a commercial secret! "- says pensioner Vasil Belmach.

This was how Vasil was answered by both judges and high-ranking prosecutors. Probably, in this way they covered the scheme from those who complained to the authorities. Therefore, the first detentions of high security officials are not surprising either. According to our information, this is head of the forensic committee Andrei Shved, whose brother headed the Medtechnocenter. The telephones of the institutions are not responding, and experts are asking a question: why has the KGB started dealing with this case only now?

"At first they detained several people, then came the second wave, and a more massive third wave followed, and as a result, high-ranked officials got into the KGB jail," - investigative journalist of the Belgazeta Aliaksandr Fedarovich notes.

The question is whether the wave of detentions of high officials has ended. Godfather of Mikalai Lukashenka Vasil Zharko headed the Ministry of Health from 2006 to 2016. And there’s no need to be an investigator to understand that such a total corruption scheme is built up over the years.

So far, the “doctors’ case” only refers to siphoning off the budgetary funds. At the same time, only in the 6th hospital in Minsk, more than 500 surgeries on implantation of imported prostheses are performed every year, on average. And in this case the circle of not only accomplices, but also the injured Belarusians is growing — there are perhaps thousands of them already.