20 February 2019, Wednesday, 21:45
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Visitor To Restaurant Near Kurapaty Is To Be Tried For Insulting Activists

The trial will be held in the Minsk district court on July 17.

On Tuesday, July 17, the court of the Minsk district will hear a case of an administrative violation against one of the visitors to the Let’s Go Get Some Eats restaurant, the BPF party’s press service reports.

S. Nialiuba, who visited the restaurant on June 14, is accused of an insult (Article 9.3 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus), he faces a fine of up to 20 basic units (490 rubles).

The applicant in the case is Belarusian Popular Front chairman Ryhor Kostuseu, who claims that Nialiuba "expressed indignation at the public watch, insulted protesters and even tried to direct his car straight at the people."

Ryhor Kostuseu draws the traffic police's attention to the fact that Nialiuba’s car has not undergone the MOT test, for what an administrative protocol was drawn up against him.

"This person, apparently, did not expect such a turn of events, and reacted to the fair remarks of the policemen with dirty and obscene language, insulting all those present... All the witnesses of that incident can confirm that Nialiuba behavior was a clear provocation, he was deliberately looking for a conflict, boasting that his father served in the NKVD troops in 1942," – Kostuseu notes.