19 March 2019, Tuesday, 19:04
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Photofact: $ 500 Thousand Found In Caches Of Traumatology And Orthopedics Center Director

The head physician of the Minsk 1st hospital was hiding $ 140,000.

The State Security Committee detained Aliaksandr Bialetski, the director of the Belarusian Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics, for bribes and discovered about $ 500,000 in his caches. Today it has been reported to journalists by KGB Chairman Valer Vakulchik, BelTA reports.

Despite the conducted investigative actions and preventive measures, new facts of corruption have been revealed in the sphere of public health, Valer Vakulchik states. "Aliaksandr Bialetski was detained for organizing technical maintenance and repair of medical equipment by commercial structures and ensuring timely payment for services rendered. When a search was carried out in his garage and at the place of residence, about $ 500 thousand was found in caches," – the KGB chairman says.

The chief doctor of the 1st city clinical hospital, Aleh Famin, is also among the defendants in the criminal case. He was detained for assisting in organizing procurement of medical equipment for the hospital needs. When conducting a search at Aleh Famin’s place of residence, about $ 140 thousand in equivalent were found.

Criminal cases have been initiated against the head physicians of the 9th city clinical hospital, Valer Kushniarenka, of the Minsk regional clinical hospital, Andrei Karalko, and of the Vitsebsk regional clinical hospital, Anatol Aladzka. The head physician of the Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy, Siarhei Karytska, was also detained.

As reported, at the moment, the State Security Committee has detained, taken into custody, and applied other measures of restraint against 37 officials, and in total – there are more than 60 figurants, for committing crimes under Article 430 "taking a bribe", Art.431 "giving a bribe" and Art.243 "tax evasion" of the Criminal Code.

All of them repeatedly received illegal monetary rewards for rendering assistance in the supply of medical equipment and medicines at inflated prices, which is confirmed by the results of long-term operational-search activities, testimony of witnesses and of the accused themselves, as well as by the results of searches and seizures. All those brought to criminal responsibility, except for those detained yesterday, are charged under the above-mentioned articles of the Criminal Code.