19 May 2019, Sunday, 18:38
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"Lukashenka Suffers The Existential Horror"


Economist explains why the dictator travels so much actoss the country and looks confused.

Economist Siarhei Chaly shared one worthy moment about things in the Belarusian economy.

- If we take these figures we can see: GDP growth by 5%, record-low inflation, growth of investments and exports and as former Minister of Economy used to say "stars are aligned ".

At the same time, we can observe the ruler on business trips across the country. For example, he's recently been to the Vitsebsk region and told that the public proverty's preserved... But something new should be invented. It means that he knows that the system does not work.

According to the economist, it's the situation when the created economic model does not work.

- Lukashenka is confused because he witnesses the collapse of the economic policy. Crisis of 2011 bore the collapse of the macroeconomic policy, and the crisis of 2014-2015 was the collapse of the microeconomics, when "modernization" served as a tool for artificial growth in some spheres. As a result, everything turned into a bankrupt.

Siarhei Chaly believes that now the authorities "suffer the existential horror."

- Just make yourselves in Lukasheka's shoes... This model has wasted so much political capital. We tried to persuade the world that there was a special Belarusian model, which had proved its efficiency. And now it turns out id does not work, the expert stresses.