22 March 2019, Friday, 18:02
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Ministry Of Agriculture And Food: Dangerous Beetle Not Found In Belarus

The Agriculture Ministry replied to the Rosselkhoznadzor.

The corn beetle was not found in Belarus in 2018, there is no damage to crops, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Uladzimir Hrakun has told reporters today, BelTA informs.

"Our quarantine service monitors the penetration of quarantine objects into the territory of Belarus and the countries of the EAEC. As for the corn beetle, the monitoring is carried out by installing pheromone traps near the borders with the states where it is widely spread – these are Ukraine and Poland. In 2009, we first discovered the beetle in a pheromone trap in our territory. Appropriate measures were taken immediately, and we did not allow it to spread. Almost 10 years have passed since 2009, and for all this time there has been no damage to corn crops done by this beetle. Only single cases of catching beetles with pheromone traps have been recorded. And this year, the corn beetle has not been found in Belarus at all," – Uladzimir Hrakun said.

If the corn beetle was found in a pheromone trap, a quarantine phytosanitary zone was established in that territory, where the cultivation of corn was forbidden. "The measures taken have prevented the spread of the beetle over the territory of Belarus," – the deputy minister stressed.

This week, the Rosselkhoznadzor has asked for information on the presence of dangerous beetles in Belarus. Today, Uladzimir Hrakun has had a talk with Rosselkhoznadzor deputy head Yulia Shvabauskiene and clarified the situation. "We have prepared a corresponding letter to the Rosselkhoznadzor," – he added.