27 March 2019, Wednesday, 0:34
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Lawyer Of The Unemployed: Community Can Do A Miracle


Leanid Sudalenka is speaking about how Belarusians helped the hero of the “non-parasites” marches.

On July 11, person with disability from Pinsk Mikalai Krychko told Radio Liberty told Freedom that he feels normal, is resting at his country house and will get the new high-quality prosthesis soon, Homel Spring reports.

„I am very grateful for the help of the community, that they have not abandoned or forgotten us, cripples. Many thanks to Sviatlana Alexievich. As for the prosthesis, then in December they should call me and give it to me,” - Krychko said.

Important to note, on March 11, 2017 Mikalai Krychko walked on crutches to participate in the “non-parasites march” "in Pinsk against the Decree #3, to express his disagreement with the situation in the country. This act struck Homel human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka who urged Belarusians to help a disabled person to purchase a prosthesis.

Human rights activist say that a significant portion of the necessary amount for a new prosthesis for Mikalai Krychko was transferred by Nobel laureate writer Sviatlana Alexievich, that it was he who talked about the disabled man with her. Prior to that, the money for the prosthesis was being collected by the community, but the result was only a sixth of the required amount.

„I'll be frank. Apart from Alexievich, a considerable amount was donated by another man, a US citizen. It was Yakov Gutman, who was present during the meeting of the Nobel laureate in Homel and publicly stated that he would donate half of the pending amount. As you can see, you can do miracles with a community, even if those miracles only concern ordinary people,“ - said the organizer of assistance to the disabled person Leanid Sudalenka.