22 May 2019, Wednesday, 2:58
For our and your freedom!

Ihar Komlik: I Am Prepared For Defense


The leaders of the REP trade union will stand trial starting from July 30.

"Today I received a subpoena from the Savetski district court of Minsk, which states that I am supposed to appear at the first session of the court on July 30," - accountant of the REP independent trade union Ihar Komlik told the website palitviazni.info.

Important to note, Ihar Komlik was held in custody since August 2, 2017 in the framework of the criminal proceedings against him and chairman of the REP Henadz Fiadynich under Part 2 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code of Belarus ( "tax evasion on a particularly large scale"). On October 2, 2017 Ihar Komlik was released from the remand prison under a non-leave obligation.

REP trade tnion leaders face restriction of freedom for up to 5 years, or imprisonment for a term of 3 to 7 years with the possible confiscation of property.

On June 18, the Prosecutor's Office handed the "the trade unions case" over to the Savetski district court of Minsk.

"Personally, I'm morally prepared for the trial, although, of course, it is difficult to make any predictions, - says Ihar Komlik - We see the authorities’ attitude to the opponents in their assessments. When I tried to bring to justice those who wrote various lies about me on different Internet-resources, they failed to find the guilty. Thus, one can safely break the law, but those who obey the law can be easily made criminals, if desired. I have no doubt that this case is of a political nature and therefore the decision will be a political one as well. Let’s take it the way it is. "