22 May 2019, Wednesday, 2:59
For our and your freedom!

Bold Action In Kobryn: Patriots Show Suvorov’s True Face


A large-scale graffiti appeared on the walls of the Museum of the Russian military commander.

A large-scale installation appeared in the very heart of Kobrin, on the walls of the so-called „Military-Historical Museum of Suvorov“, a reader informed to Charter97.org.

„The purpose of this action was to show the true face and a sinister role of the “great generalissimus” in the history of Belarus. By the irony of fate, Kobryn, one of the Belarusian towns which suffered the most from Suvorov’s invasion, now has several streets, parks, museums, hotels, bearing the name of Suvorov. However, the town residents do remember the historical truth: Suvorov was an executioner of the Belarusian nation and its freedom; naming a street after an executioner is a disgrace!” - the reader wrote.