17 September 2019, Tuesday, 16:38
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Lithuanian Political Analyst: ‘North’ Division Needed For Effective Containment Of Russia In Baltic Region

Lithuanian Political Analyst: ‘North’ Division Needed For Effective Containment Of Russia In Baltic Region

In case of conflict, there will be a powerful unit with the experience of the joint action in the region.

Lithuania, together with Latvia and Estonia joined the initiative to create the headquarters of the multinational unit of the "North" division. The headquarters will be located at the territory of the Latvian database.

Virginijus Savukynas, the Lithuanian political scientist and journalist contemplates on why the Baltic countries strengthen their defenses and how the new division will affect the balance of power in the region, specially for Charter97.org.

- In the Baltic countries, there are already the military forces of the North Atlantic Alliance countries, in Poland - the US military, why is another division needed?

- It is more than obvious that the current world order is fragile and can change very quickly. Who would dare to suggest five years ago (before the annexation of the Crimea by the Kremlin) that the borders in Europe which have settled since the Second World War would change? Therefore, close cooperation between NATO member countries is only welcomed. The closer cooperation is, the more effective will be the policy of containment of Russia.

- What will the headquarters of the division do? Does the fact that the headquarters of the "North" will act in Latvia mean that the region will have new military units of NATO?

- I am not a military expert, so I would prefer to refrain from commenting (nevertheless, in accordance with the publicly available information, the headquarters will be part of the overall command of NATO network and will be responsible for the defense of the Baltic region. "North" will plan the organization and conduct of military exercises to enhance interoperability of the armed forces of Latvia, Estonia and Denmark - Ed.).

- How will the appearance of the headquarters of the "North" division in Latvia affect the balance of power in the region?

- As I said, its dislocation in Latvia is the next step to ensure the enhancement of security in the region. If, God forbid, a war happens, we will have another military association with the experience of joint actions developed during the common trainings. We are not dealing with the plans that are created on paper, but with the actual operating division.

- What kind of reaction from the Kremlin can be expected?

- Most likely the Kremlin's media will once again beat all the drums that NATO rattles the saber. However, it’s more than obvious that no one is going to unleash a war with Russia or Belarus. The danger actually inflames as a result of the aggressive policy of Moscow.