27 March 2019, Wednesday, 0:40
For our and your freedom!

The Authorities Painted The Town Red

Photo by Toxaby

It's barely possible to pretend hard-working.

The ruler was standing on the border of a desert. That vast territory began behind the protective envelope. The scene was set for the tragedy. And the weather forecast announced the level amber alert. On the nearest barchan a monitor was scratching slightly its belly awaiting something to eat. The caravan was slowly lining up. Guards were in a flurry and exchanged shots. Girls from escort were giggling while making themselves comfortable on camels.

The ruler did not hurry. And the entire country was holding its breath wondering if he dared... Whether he can fade away on this vast territory. What if he is lost there and does not return. Who will then head the celebration of 25 years of his relentless power? It's like threatening Plyuk has already appeared on the horizon.

However, the ruler does not care about it; he knew the path he had to follow. Guards had some hope that their big boss would hang up. The horizon was too dark and the sand snaked through barchans. But the ruler already gave a well-known sign: go!

Well, skeptics will say: what caravan, what desert do you mean, especially in the immediate vicinity of the Drazdy fence? Weird questions. Has anyone mentioned how the country crossed the line and carelessly drowned in the 25th year? Does anyone still doubt where this path goes? The desert is not the worst variant. And only few people have noticed that the largest line is written in Chinese in the Minsk airport. Because of friendship and so on? Where is the Arabic script then? There are lots of friends of the ruler in the Emirates. The eastern vector is not a joke, the Silk Road is just near.

The regime is constantly subject to some wild emotions. Last winter, then spring, summer were filled with endless holidays; the authorities have great fun. The strange parade of early July could barely set down, and again, he holds parties with Gutseriev in Alexandriya, which has long overshadowed famous Vasyuki.

Ok, you had fun. It would seem that it's enough, but it's not! Then the Slavic Bazaar started. And the very same ruler was in charge there. He is like an actor from the Youth Theatre or entertainer who plays Santa Claus and adores holidays. It's barely possible to pretend hard-working.

However, who has set rumour afloat that the ruler and his subordinates can only have fun? Is this caravan in the desert an entertainment? The ruler keeps thinking of prior things all the time. The business trip in the depth of the controlled territory was hard. He and his team could barely deal with Belynichy and set a bright future for the district, Orsha showed its tops behind barchans. Without any waste of time, they nationalized the aircraft repair plant (the major part of it belonged to foreign investors). Economists still argue about sense of that strange action. Most likely there was none. Those who made their way to power from collective farms should make people remember of their hardscrabble background. It's the tradition.

And then the true holiday began - Vitsebsk welcomed dear guests with the Slavic Bazaar. As usual, the ruler was in the news. He got a unique gift: belt-talisman. Local nomenclature came up with it, perhaps, to give points to other 25 years in the same chair.

However, in the midst of he heard the call from Comrade Putin. The Kremlin required the key local player to be present on the FIFA World Cup. And he had to leave for Moscow. There he was forgotten and only Putin was in the news. Some websites published one his photo - he's smiling shyly standing somewhere behind. And his talisman made no use. How can it be fun at other people's parties?

However, why not, if there are some signs of future successes. Only various guests, especially foreign ones, spoil the impression. They arrive and start asking idle questions. Western neighbors succeed in overcoming the crisis. And why does Belarus have such a poor GDP growth?

And it's not possible to explain them that our way is specific - we have fun all the time. The recent July parade cost $2.5 million. And you can barely find the country who can lend us money. But here the party in Alexandriya started, followed by the Slavic Bazaar. And this World Cup dropped from the clouds. It's needed to use the personal jet filled with relatives, friends and subordinates to fly to Moscow. What economy can stand such an unbridled joy?

The treasury is getting empty. Gold and forex reserves are melting down like overhead ice in the spring sun. Debts are growing. It is needed to spend $3.6 billion on the public debt management until the end of the year. Every year it's getting harder to live in the country. Prices are growing. And those in power just have fun.

. . They can count and control nature, if they feel that a trouble is in the air. They have just seen the point and even calculated how and when it will end. And they fill in their pocket openly and without any hesitation.

Why should they hesitate? Although the ruler tries to be rude and strict, he is just a good uncle for his subordinates. Will they be captured and punished? Well... They would be read a lecture and let go. Oh, as a bonus, they will give another appointment. After all, it's the inner circle and they do not speak out against the wise policy line. They are in the same caravan.

And no matter what happens, the caravan holds on to its route - the Silk Road. They steadily cover barchans. And the ruler knows for sure that it's the right way, repeatedly tried by the party. It should be followed without hesitation. And then Plyuk (planet invented by Theodore Tezhik) will surely appear on the horizon.

According to the verified data, Plyuk is not the planet. It's the final result of monumental efforts of collective farm promotees who dared to change the world according to possibilities of their inquiring mind.

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for Charter97.org