21 May 2019, Tuesday, 19:24
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Leanid Zaika: The Wrong Place For Clowns To Work In


I feel sorry that so uneducated people run Belarus.

Leader of the Strategy analytical centre, economist Leanid Zaika told in the interview to primus.by when commenting on scandalous events the authorities have carried out recently:

- Lukashenka has long been informed about the situation in the health care sector: In early 2000s I had to estimate expenditures of the so-called "Union State". Do you know what I found out? Russian Accounts Chamber found out that Belarus had bought in CATs abroad at unreasonably high prices and it could not but be made public.

The procurement of medical equipment and medicines in our country has long and absolutely been corrupted. The Ministry of Health has turned into a business structure playing in favor of oligarchs and bureaucrats. The major part of medical practitioners in the country are honest and competent. But those in charge are a different story. Given that, Belarusians do not want to be treated in the country. They look for treatment in Israel, Germany, Poland and so on.

Officials of the Ministry of Health are not the ones to be caught. General of the KGB awarded by Lukashenka was also involved. Guys, I agree with Lavrentiy Pavlovich - you're enemies of the people. The problem is that the entire Belarusian executive branch, every official and minister believe that they should live at the expense of the budget which has been the gift from heaven. A head of enforcement structures say that it's impolite to learn about income of state servants...

Guys, I'm sorry, you're so stupid that I am ashamed of you. You try to escape all the time. Why are you so uneducated? Why do you fail to understand that if you use the money from the budget, you are subject to reports? I can say that every pocket of an official should be equipped with camera for us to see what is in.

Here is one more method to ruin the economy: to build up a plant of $400 million and then to try selling it abroad at $200 million. Despite of this failure, the government is accepting $1.4 billion plan on promotion of "innovations": production of full-fat extruded soybeans, creation of mushroom houses heated by gas and so on. Being the economist, I'd like to say that it's a bullshit. This document must be torn off and the authors of it should eat it. The marketing situation takes annual transformations.

I'd like to say you a simple truth: guys, everything you deal with turns into guano. So you'd better sit still.

People sometimes ask me what is the reason for Belarus to take such a low position in the happiness rating? My answer is subtle: few clowns left, and they work in the wrong place.