22 May 2019, Wednesday, 3:03
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Residents Of Minsk, Minsk District Complain About Explosions Sounds Coming From Military Shooting Ground

They shoot even at night.

Residents of Minsk and Minsk region complain about the sounds of gunshots and explosions, which are heard from the military shooting ground in the direction of the Uruchcha microdistrict. They shoot even at night.

"We live not far from the training ground," - the resident of the village of Kopishcha wrote to tut.by. - For three days, since July 16, they are exploding something, bombing or shooting. Especially in the evenings. The saddest thing is that it doesn’t stop even at night. What is it? "

There were also letters from Minsk citizens complaining about the sounds of gunshots and explosions in the direction of the Military Town in Uruchcha.

- There is a planned combat training going on, - said the official representative of the Ministry of Defense Uladzimir Makarau. - At the armed forces’ shooting ground of the 120th Brigade, the firing training is carried out, including at night time. This will continue at least this week. Combat training is conducted regularly in the summer months. Citizens can be absolutely calm, these blasts and shots are no stronger than the thunder.