27 March 2019, Wednesday, 2:38
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Photofact: Russians Sell "Novichok" In Belarus


The label says "strictly classified."

"I have some doubts that they know what it is. And what is the point of asking the barman, he sells what he was told to sell," – Radjesh Chou says.

The drink is produced by the Russian brewery "Alaska". An image of the Polish artist and photographer Zdislav Beksinsky is on the cover of the bottle, Belsat reports.

According to the producers, the beer has a "soft honey taste of melon, which turns into a spicy bitterness on the tip of the tongue."

It is also written on the bottle: "The magic taste drags down your receptors and consciousness into nerve-paralytic nirvana... Strictly classified. Trump would not be able to prove anything."

On April 4, 2018, former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious on a bench in the English city of Salisbury. The British said that the poison was a chemical weapon of the Soviet and Russian production "Novichok," and accused Russia of the attack. After the accident, Skripals were staying in the intensive care in a state of coma for a long time. The United Kingdom expelled 23 representatives of the Russian diplomatic corps from the country. Later, Russian diplomats were also expelled by the United States and a number of European countries.

On July 8, another victim – 44-year-old Don Sturgess died of poison in the UK. She was poisoned in the town of Amesbury. Another man, 45-year-old Charlie Rowley, also suffered from a nerve agent and is in critical condition in the hospital.