16 February 2019, Saturday, 7:24
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Nina Bahinskaya: In Akrestsina, I Demanded That I Should Be Released

Nina Bahinskaya

The activist believes that her political propaganda influenced the police officers.

On July 7, the activist Nina Bahinskaya stood in front of the KGB building for about 40 minutes holding the poster "Freedom to Political Prisoners." She demanded freedom for Dzmitry Palienka, Ilya Volovik, Sviataslau Baranovich, Mikhail Zhamchuzhny and the Kurapaty defenders Paval Seviarynets, Volha Nikalaichyk, Dzianis Urbanovich, Radio Svaboda reports.

Later, riot police officers arrived, detained the activist and took her to the police office.

Nina Bahinskaya said that they were going to take her to the prison in Akrestsin Street, but released her near the prison. The trial of the activist for an unauthorized picket is yet to come.

Nina Bahinskaya believes that she was released, because her political information influenced the policemen.

"Two policemen drove me from the Tsentralny district police department to Akrestsina: one in uniform, another one in civilian clothes, and the latter did not know the Belarusian language at all, since he asked again some of the words, – Bahinskaya says. – When they took me there, they immediately asked me why I want to change the current government and why I had arranged a picket precisely near the KGB. Then I explained them my position, saying that the current power is non-Belarusian, that the Belarusian language and culture are suppressed, that it does not respect the national memory. I gave an example – the recent events in Kurapaty."

Bahinskaya believes that all repressions are managed by the KGB, so she held a picket near their building.

The policemen asked Bahinskaya if she had previously been to the Akrestsina prison, about her age.

"I said that I had been there once and that I was ready to eat their porridge again, but was indignant that the porridge was bad, but they were charging money for it, as for the dishes from the restaurant. I said that it would be better to pick berries at my summer cottage, and demanded that they let me go. So it happened: they brought me to Akrestsin and let me go, but they seized my poster as material evidence."

The policemen told Bahinskaya that they would summon her to court.

"But I told them that I do not go to their courts and that I would not go this time," – Nina Bahinskaya says.

On July 9, the activist again intends to join the picketing of the Let’s Go Get Some Eats restaurant in Kurapaty.