20 February 2019, Wednesday, 11:21
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Officials Take Offense At Blogger Who Printed Them On Shirt

Andrei Pavuk

The blogger is threatened with a court for a T-shirt with the print "They love you."

Officials of the Kastrychnitski district center in the Homel region do not want to follow the example of the central government.

Unlike Aliaksandr Lukashenka, whose portrait hangs in every department, every executive committee, every school, the deputy chairman of the Kastrychnitski district executive committee Uldzimir Yaliseyeu and the head of affairs Valiantsina Shlapakova are allegedly ashamed of people's attention, Belsat writes.

"If you do not go away, I'll call the police..." – Valiantsina Shlapakova threatens the blogger.

The reason for this behavior of the official is people's love represented by a local teacher and blogger Andrei Pavuk. The man ostentatiously puts on a shirt with the image of Shlapakova and Yaliseyeu and the inscription "They love you."

"I love my Motherland, I love Kastrychnitski, I love power. So why cannot I be proud of them? " – the blogger Andrei Pavuk says.

Only this love is not mutual. Moreover, the local police department initiated an administrative process against Pavuk on the application of Uldzimi Yaliseyeu. The official claims that the blogger insulted his honor and disgraced the feelings of his family. Andrei Pavuk confidently says that he didn't mean any evil.

"If you are a public person, you have to face life with pride. They are the face of our district," – the blogger believes.

We decided to end the dispute, asking the local residents: if it was offensive to print images of officials on clothes?