20 February 2019, Wednesday, 11:27
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Father Of Many Children From Kobryn: Reduce MIA And KGB’s Budgets And Help Families


The "financial assistance" for the new school year is not enough even for buying a pair of sandals.

Large Belarusian families raising three or more minor children who study in schools (basic and general secondary education, including special education institutions) can receive "financial assistance" for the new academic year, krynica.info writes. Its size is 30% of the living budget, effective as of August 1.

In Minsk, people will receive "financial assistance" in the amount of 64.1 rubles (32 dollars). In Biaroza district, the payment amount for each pupil from a large family is 48 rubles (24 dollars), in Brest - 35 (17 dollars).

Co-chairman of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party Ryhor Dzmitruk, who a large family father from Kobryn (Brest region), commented on Facebook on the allocation of "financial assistance":

"It’s a high-sounding name, isn’t it? The whole country thinks: "The state cares for the families with many children!" What a kind power this is! So, on behalf of large families, as a father of many children, being from a large family myself, I tell you, the people in power: "Do not disgrace yourself! Your contribution of 45 rubles is not enough to buy even a pair of good sandals for our children! Reduce the budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB and other fat "youths" and really help families with many children!"