19 February 2019, Tuesday, 2:41
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Prosecutor General’s Office: BRYU Created Fake Student Brigades


The Lukamol was caught red-handed on frauds and violations of the Labor Code.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has checked how the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRYU) organized the activity of the student brigades and facilitates the employment of the youth. The Office found violations.

The prosecutors established the facts of creation of fake student brigades by territorial and primary organizations of the BRYU.

For example, the Mazyr district committee of the BRYU ungroundedly enllisted 32 people in the squad of two student brigades at the communal agricultural unitary enterprise “Slabadskoye named after Lenin”. According to the materials of the prosecutor check, the youngsters found employment by themselves. They knew nothing about the activities of the student brigades. There were no agreements on the organization of work of student brigades at the enterprise either.

Similar facts were discovered in the Rahachou, Brahin, Lahoisk and Cherven districts.

There were cases when the employers informed the BRYU representatives about the existing opportunity to organize student brigades, but the territorial BRYU organizations remained inactive with regard to solving this issue (Zhlobin, Niasvizh, and Kletsk districts).

The Minsk district committee of the BRYU remained uninterested in the offers of the JSC “1st Minsk Paultry Factory”, the unitary enterprise “Zhdanovichy Multi Unit Agricultural Enterprise”, the state forestry economic establishment “Minsk Forestry”, the Office says.

The management of the Republican unitary experimental agricultural enterprise “Uskhod” was ready to provide 60 workplaces for students. Only one student brigade of 18 people was created in the end.

The student brigades were formed with violation of the set term of agreement of corresponding decisions with the regional executive committees (Minsk city executive committee), or without such agreement, practically in all the regions of the republic. When enlisting of students under 16 to the student brigades, the requirement of obtaining the written consent for employment from one of the parents was not always met,” the Prosecutor General’s Office reports.

There were also other violations:

admission to work without proper training and instructions, as well as without checking the knowledge of the labor protection isuues;

the youngsters were admitted to work without the prior medical examination;

the terms of salary payment were not met;

some employers did not issue work record books;

the requirements of making labor and civil contracts (LLP “Belarusian-Polish joint enterprise “Laikpol”, the communal unitary agricultural enterprise “Hniadzilava-Agro” in Vitsebsk region, and the communal agricultural unitary enterprise “Experimental Base “Paharodna” in Hrodna region);

the daily working hours of the participants of student brigades aged 14-16 were not met.

The Prosecutor General’s Office submitted a note to the first secretary of the BRYU central committee and demanded that measures be taken to eliminate shortcomings and omissions in the organization's activities.