20 February 2019, Wednesday, 11:26
Appeal of the BPR Rada

‘This Looks Like Lukashenka’s Hysterical Reactionпп To Own Helplessness’


Psychologists call the situation in which the dictator found himself a frustration.

Head of the project “Cost of Government” Uladzimir Kavalkin explain to Solidarity whether the rotation in the Council of Ministers will follow the blowup of the state leader, and what relly made Lukasheka sout and bang his fist against the table.

At the consultative meeting in Vorsha, which is now called the most noticeable blowup of the year by the journalists, the dictator dismissed two ministers and hinted on the total change of government.

— Тhe TV-audience saw a furious state leader, shouting at his subordinates. What was it?

— It looks like Lukashenka's hysterical reaction to his own helplessness, his inability to change something in the economy, the already emerging feeling that the executive branch of government has ceased to fear and began to understand that one should not expect any valuable guidelines from the above, but begin to live own life, " — said Uladzimir Kavalkin in the express comment for Solidarity. The governor can freak out, shuffle the top officials, but the problems that occur in the state and the economy cannot be resolved by blowups. It is necessary to carry out serious reforms, but Lukashenka does not have a political will to do so.

Psychologists call the situation in which he found themselves a frustration. He seems to want to do something, but nothing can be done in the old way, while he is incapable of doing anything in the new way, because the mentality is completely different. We see the nervous breakdowns and hysterics of one person.

It is absolutely obvious that he has serious psychological problems. He experiences the greatest stress from feeling his own helplessness.

— In the end of the consultative session, Minister of Industry Vovk and Minister of Architecture and Construction Chorny lost their jobs. Will the Prime Minister repeat their destiny?

In the opinion of Uladzimir Kavalkin, it is necessary to consider this situation not as a system one, not as a rotation of personnel, but as a trivial hysteria of one person.

— I do not think that someone will replace Kabiakou in the near future. Many inconspicuous reforms, which take place in the economic and financial spheres, and in the banking sector, remain tied up on a new team, including not only the government, but also the National Bank.

According to the expert's forecast, most likely, the two ministers will either go to a well-deserved pension, or they will deal with the Vorsha plants.

— And I think this will be the end, — Solidarity’s source believes.

— How do you assess the reaction of the top officials, who were sitting at that session, their heads down, to Lukashenka’s words?

— They are used to such things. They know what they undertake when they sign up for the state service. He shouts at them, and they listen to all this, heads down, like small children. It’s clear that they don’t like all this, in a human way. But they cannot change the situation in the near future. So they adopt a guilty look, so as not to anger the ruler even more, so that the law-enforcers are not let out to get them.

— The officials can copy such model of behaviour in their ministries and institutions, and act like Lukashenka, using the same methods in their relations with subordinates.

— The fact that the ruler creates a kind of corporate culture within the government is understandable, and then everything depends on the concrete person. If they are of the same nature, they will certainly behave this way, because the ruler shows that this is permissible. An intelligent person, of course, will not behave this way.