19 February 2019, Tuesday, 2:39
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Lukashenka: We Had To Tap All Potentialities Here To Show That I’m Still In Country And Still Running It


The dictator has leaked a word about his fears.

The STV channel has shown an expanded video version of the meeting of Lukashenka and members of the government in Vorsha.

The piece includes the parts that were not shown in the news on other TV channels.

"I have warned you: it is necessary to work as if it was wartime. And I sent Sheiman there, who did nothing in terms of control. Nothing. The General! - Lukashenka shouted. - I went to Baran. And when we went off route, the woman, the plant manager, showed me some of the offices, where people work on the technological floors, it was just horrible. Dead rats, mice, condoms and other drugs. And you're telling me something? I ask, what about this building? After all, it’s a superbuilding, there are no such buildings in the country. They answer me: "This goes for sale, this goes under the bulldozer." And the task was set that all premises should be used."

Viktar Sheiman, Lukashenka's comrade-in-arms since the 1990s, came in for a lot of trouble as well. He made a report on the work done.

"Let's analyze publicly what has been done there? Money was given, benefits were given, postponement, installments. A week of work. And when it was done, it’s a question, since I set the task in April 2017. Lists of inefficient use of property have been made. That is, they wrote it down on paper what would go under the bulldozer, that they would sell."

Lukashenka also leaked a word about what, by all appearances, frightens him most:

"We had to tap all the potentialities here to show that I’m still in the country and still running it."