19 February 2019, Tuesday, 2:34
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Belarusian Appears In Genoa When Bridge Collapsed


He told how the life in the city has changed and what happens at the site of the catastrophe now.

The catastrophe that occurred yesterday in Genoa worried the people around the world: a popular tourist city and such a disaster. Over time, it became clear that, theoretically, everyone who planned a holiday in this Italian city could be at the place of the dead and injured - the technical condition of the bridge long left much to be desired, and hence the tragedy was inevitable. Yury, who is on vacation in Italy, told Onliner.by how life in the city has changed and what happens at the site of the disaster now.

"We have been in Genoa for ten days," the young man says. "I came to the city by train from Milan. By the way, the railway line which also goes to Milan, runs right alongside the ruined bridge.

Yesterday, when everything happened, there was a very heavy shower since the very morning. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. Until one o'clock the red level of danger was declared. It was really scary to go out to the street, so we waited for the bad weather to end in the rented apartment. After 1 pm, as promised by weather forecasters, the rain began to weaken, the thunder was heard less and less, and by 2 o'clock in general everything had stopped.

While we waited for the weather change, we watched the local news on the Internet. This is how we learned that the bridge collapsed. However, the scale was incomprehensible in the beginning. And when we were already out on the street, we realized that the situation was really serious: sirens were heard everywhere, policemen and fire engines were driving, ambulances were everywhere all the time. Helicopters flied in the air. It’s the same situation today, colleagues from other regions came to help local rescuers and doctors.

Yury’s apartment is located about one and a half kilometers away from the place of tragedy. The young man reached the nearest gas station and from there was able to take pictures of the destroyed bridge. Closer approach was impossible: the area where the accident happened, was blocked.

- Local residents are in shock: they say that they traveled this bridge every day, as it is an integral part of a very demanded and busy route, including to the airport (an express bus traveled by bridge every half hour with tourists hurrying to their own flights).

Now the press comes up with a lot of photos showing the deplorable state of the bridge. The people make screenshots from the service Google street view, which shows that the repair was required for a long time, - Yury shares pictures.