19 February 2019, Tuesday, 2:36
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Time Of Clowns In Power Is Over


And the people must be ready to take the fate of the country in their own hands.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Mikalai Statkevich wrote on Facebook about it.

When things get worse in the country, and people's dissatisfaction grows, the "president" performs the same show, which has been played for the people a lot of times "The king is good, it's the boyars who are bad."

I do not know, if they hold rehearsals and how many doubles they shoot, but it gives a semblance of truth.

In the presence of television cameras, the "president" fulminates against the officials who haven’t followed precisely his brilliant instructions, which are to make people happy. He bangs the table with his fist, threatens to dismiss and imprison. And he even fires someone. The officials do their best to act out fear and dismay.

Then the television leaves, and the angrily screaming tyrant suddenly turns into a darling, begs pardon for screaming and insults: well, you do understand that people like such performances. There’s lack of bread, so at least we can treat them with a performance. Thank you for good acting. And those who were dismissed for the sake of demonstration will receive equivalent or more profitable appointments after a while.

Smart people have long known the value of such "art". But the last performance had two special features.

The first one his task was to show that the "king" is not only good, but is still alive.

The second one not only in-house BT specialists were actively pulling the wool over the population's eyes. Some "democratic" periodicals were trying to kiss his behind more passionately than the state ones. They even published photos of the officials with the dictator pointing at them with his fleshy finger. Like, look at what a harsh and fair "king" we have, how the low-performers are in awe of him.

And it happens less than a week after the arrests of their colleagues BelaPAN and tut.by journalists on the orders of this dictator. A minimal decent response to that demonstrative reprisal over the independent journalism would be ignoring the official information, except for some really important one. The allegiant servilism of "democratic" periodicals does not cause any other reaction, except for disgust.

However, and this old played dated performance and the expansion of information servicing of the regime are not the main thing now. And the main thing is that the time of this team of clowns in power is over. And the people must be ready to take the fate of the country in their own hands. For it not to be taken over by another "theater group."