21 February 2019, Thursday, 3:38
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Lukashenka Offered Candidates For New Ministers In Government


The dictator held a session on personnel issues.

Lukashenka was reported on the proposals for personnel appointments in the government, as well as for the replacement of certain officials, the ruler’s press-center informs.

«Following our conversation about the new appointments which happened in the Vorsha district, I gave a corresponding instruction. So, the Presidential Administration together with the speakers of the parliament, the chairman of the State Control Committee were working on these proposals for three days. The proposals regarding the new appointments in the government and the replacement of certain officials should be submitted in accordance with my instruction. As we previously agreed, Mrs. Natallia Kachanava will report today on the coordinated or non-coordinated position with regard to this issue,» the dictator said during the session in the Palace of Independence.

«I know that there have been consultations with public and other organizations. I think I will also listen to their opinions before the appointment of new members of the government and other civil servants. It is clear that today we will consider certain candidates who were submitted for my attention,» Lukashenka remarked.

The dictator stressed that there are fairly good ambassadors with certain working experience. «There are very good candidates from the diplomatic corps. We will also listen to the opinion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding these candidates,» he said.

«The range of candidates is wide enough. Let's discuss these candidates. We must solve this issue as soon as possible to prevent the uncontrollable development of certain, first of all, negative processes in the economy,» the Belarusian ruler stressed.

Moreover, the KGB Chief Valer Vakulchyk and the head of the Operative-Analytical Center of the Belaruisian President Andrei Pauliuchenka were specially invited to the session.

«This was done to avoid talking about wrong candidates in the future. Of course, their agencies are also in charge of the anti-corruption monitoring in the presidential personnel pool. If they have any questions regarding the candidates who we are going to discuss they will speak up,» Lukashenka explained.

Lukashenka specially underlined that its was for that reason he gave an instruction to ensure a special regime of operation and management in the Vorsha district. “A special regime should be introduced in the Vorsha district for the period until we overcome difficulties and ensure normal development of enterprises and social infrastructure. It means that all people should be working hard just like heads of enterprises and corresponding civil servants. People should understand that, figuratively speaking, a revolution has begun, and speed up their efforts,» the dictator added.