21 February 2019, Thursday, 3:43
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Karbalevich: First Of All Lukashenka Must Answer One Acute Question


The ruler promises to respond to comments on the Internet in the near future.

The political analyst in his express comment to Salidarnasts reacted to the dictator's words that in the near future, he would respond to criticism addressed to him in the media and on the Internet.

What kind of statements can we expect from Aliaksandr Lukashenka? And on which urgent questions does he have to answer?

– This is a rather contradictory statement, – Valer Karbalevich notes. – And at the moment it's hard to say what it can mean. Perhaps, this is some kind of veiled threat to independent media – a hint at the continuation of the campaign, which has received the name – "BelTA’s case." And, maybe, this is a reaction to incoming letters and appeals from the population to the Administration of Lukashenka.

He says that 80% of such statements are positive. But one can only guess here – there can be absolutely different options and different reactions to them.

According to the interlocutor, traditionally Lukashenka "gives answers only to those questions that are beneficial to him." And not to those that worry the society most.

– Since our power is uncontrolled by people and practically irreplaceable, it has been given free rein. It can react only to signals that are convenient to respond to. If we talk about what people get to head today, then, of course, these are economic issues. The population does not feel economic growth. Even in spite of the fact that some indicators have been positive recently, – Valer Karbalevich considers.

In his opinion, Lukashenka's recent trip to Vorsha clearly showed that "the economic situation in the country is very complicated":

– He notices himself that all the enterprises in Vorsha and Vorsha district are problematic. And similar situation is observed in other regions. Accordingly, people are concerned about the problems of low salaries, pensions, unemployment. It's another matter that Lukashenka is now trying to make himself look good – like, the negligent officials are to blame, they got it all wrong, did not follow his wise instructions.

People want to know when the economic situation in the country improves and when the social standards start growing. And this is one of the main questions that people want him to answer," – the political expert stressed.