20 February 2019, Wednesday, 21:37
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Jennifer Moore Appointed As New US Charge d’Affaires In Belarus

Jennifer Moore will start work as US Charge d'Affaires in Belarus as early as this month.

"Jennifer Moore will start working as US Charge d'Affaires in Belarus in August 2018," the message of the diplomatic mission said.

The embassy noted that before arriving in Minsk, Moore held the post of Deputy Director of the Department for Southern Affairs of the US State Department, which is responsible for US relations with Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

In addition, the new US Charge d'Affaires has extensive experience in European affairs and for most of her career has specialized in international cooperation and security reforms. She previously worked as Deputy Director of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Sanctions and Combating Terrorism, Political and Economic Adviser at the US Embassy in Tirana, as well as in various political, military, political and economic positions at the US Embassy in Ankara, Sarajevo, Baghdad and Jakarta.

Moore also served as duty officer at the State Department's Operations Center and as an assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State for Military and Political Affairs.

As reported, the previous US Charge d'Affaires Robert Riley completed his diplomatic mission in Belarus in July. He worked in Minsk for two years.

Since 2008, there has been no US Ambassador in Belarus.