21 February 2019, Thursday, 3:45
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Trial In ‘Trade Unions Case’: Henadz Fiadynich’s Last Word


One could prepare themselves to any sentence, but not to meanness.

On August 17, the verbal arguments in the trial in the “trade unions case” were carried out in court. Lawyers, prosecutors held their speeches, while Henadz Fiadynich and Ihar Komlik pronounced their last words. Praca-by.info presents the speech of the REP Chairman, with minor shortenings:

“I am convinced that the “trade unions case” will have a continuation, also at the international level. If all this work of the Investigatory Committee and the prosecution will stand in the way of the officials who are trying to establish normal relations with the European Union and the ILO, trust me, Aliaksandr Lukashenka will sort things out very quickly and find everyone.

Your honour, one can prepare themselves to any sentence. However, no one should ever get ready for meanness. That e-mail account – you do know who created it! You know who stuffed all those documents there… Now you are saying about those documents – there is evidence base. Stop contradicting yourself! It’s not evidence base, it’s some useless scrap of paper with wrong legal addresses, no examination was held on it… Conduct a proper examination in the Investigatory Committee, make a statement, that this document from the bank is legitimate. The people see all this.

It was said, it’s not the trade union standing trial, but just those two guys [Fiadynich and Komlik – edit.]. And what about the arrest of the union's office? What about the 814 people who were interrogated throughout the republic? And how to assess the fact that each investigation team considered it their duty to quit the case, because they knew perfectly well that everything is not so simple? Two lieutenant-colonels left, handed the case over to the captain, who brought it to the end. It can be assumed that he will be a major or a senior lieutenant.

I'm a very young retiree. I have not received any pensions yet, but I have the right to the pension of about 600 rubles. So, apparently, I used to earn good money as well. And how can you say that in 2011, out of mercenary motives, we stole money from the project and bought two cars? And they find selfish motives in the village of Sukhadoly! It would be better if they found them in Drazdy: it's easier to look. Dare you do it?

Summing up, I want to say that the procedure for obtaining funds in general has no evidence base under itself. Because any person, even in Belarus, when receiving money from the bank must show a passport, and there must be a record in the bank that they received some money. Why wasn’t this done? They just pulled the whole thing out of context and said: yes, they did all this...

You could ask anything from the court: even up to seven years of imprisonment... It's not scary. What is scary, is that today this case is merely political: politicians started it, politicians will close it. And it's terrible that they want to show in this case just how useless the trade union and its leaders allegedly are. This is all trumped up! You failed to do this and will not succeed, whatever the sentence.

Therefore I want to note: if this precedent is created in Belarus, when through fake mailboxes they will try to legalize fake documents - then tomorrow such an e-mail account can appear to charge anyone sitting in the hall. This could be used against anyone! And such an account will also become an evidence base. This is not permissible.

Neither I, nor my family, nor my relatives and friends - nobody uses, or sells, or stores drugs. If someone tries to do something like this, then keep in mind that this will be pure provocation.

And finally I want to thank you, people. You, lawyers: your professionalism causes respect even in such a difficult situation in which we found ourselves. I wish health to my enemies and foes. I want them to live until Belarus becomes democratic. When the courts will be elected. So that they understand all the hatred of people, who will express it directly. They have been silent by now. But this silence is very difficult to restrain.

So, finally:

The country is agonizing

In poverty, under pressure

Deceitful copper pipes

Are roaring over it.

My heart is longing to see

The real Belarus’s eyes,

To look in her eyes before bidding

The final farewell.”