20 February 2019, Wednesday, 5:20
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Lukashenka To Vouk: As For You, People Will Talk


The dictator explained why he didn’t send the Minister to jail.

Lukashenka explained the reason for the appointment of Vital Vouk as his aide, inspector for the Vitsebsk region, BELTA reports.

“Vital, as for you, people will talk a lot. Some will rejoice, some regret. There are many people here who would rub their hands excitedly, like, “cut his head off”, “hang him” etc… There will be different positions and views,” Lukashenka said. “However, you should know the following – you are still in charge of Vorsha. This is your zone of responbsibility. I think that at this post, you have an opportunitity to take control over many issues, to prompt, organize, help to solve them. The expreicence should be transferred there, this is very important.”

Important to note, the dictator sharply criticized the Minister of Industry during the “blow-up” in Vorsha for the failure to “repair the roof of the plant to his arrival”. Vital Vouk was subjected to criticism, and Lukashenka said there were two ways for the disgraced Minister: “either to Vorsha, or to jail.” It turned out there was the third option, which confirms that the dictator’s Vorsha “blow-up” was nothing but farce.