20 February 2019, Wednesday, 23:35
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Leanid Sudalenka: There Is Real Life And The One Shown On TV


A worker who crippled his hand in the machine addressed to the REP trade union for help.

The worker of the Homel Radio Plant lost the phalanges of three of his fingers. Most likely, his hand got into the machine when he was processing a detail. The plant’s administration put pressure on the worker and formalized the industrial injury as a home accident. Legal Inspector of the REP Trade Union in the Homel region Leanid Sudalenka tells about the situation:

“We’ve got two of everything. There is Constitution, but the country lives under some temporary decrees; there is real life and the one shown on TV. There are, in the end of it all, trade unions that survive on the wages of the working people, and our, independent trade union, which is under trial but to which the working people appeal when they have problems! A guy is under surgery, the surgeons are sewing his hand, and the bosses are right on cue. The guy couldn’t handle it and took all the blame.” Today, he came round, appealed to us – we’ll try to do something about it...”

Formalization of an industrial injury as a home accident is one of the most common violations of the labor rights, with which the REP trade union works. In such cases, it is necessary to defend a worker’s right in court.