23 February 2019, Saturday, 0:45
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Sole Traders: Buyers Often Try To Return Clothes As Poor-Quality, After Wearing It For Season


Businessmen have many claims to the expert opinions of the consumer protection society.

Sole trader Aleh Karol says that cases of so-called consumer extremism are not uncommon, Minsk-Novastsi reports. After wearing shoes or clothes for a season, the buyer tries to return them back as the ones of poor quality. And he finds support from some consumer protection societies that carry out the examination of goods and sometimes give questionable conclusions without proving that there was a manufacturing defect.

– We are concerned about the prepossession of claims from public organizations, – Karol adds. – The current state standards are very strict, and the evidence-based part of the examinations is often not there. Perhaps, the standards and methods of assessing the goods should be regulated, that’s what we ask for.

– When two experts say "no defects" and the third says "there is one" – it's strange. How can you sit in a judgment on an article with an extent of wear of 50%? – sole trader Tatsiana Karol asks.

Homel sole trader Sviatlana Hromava, who also has many claims to the expert opinions of the consumer protection society, has also given her examples.