23 July 2019, Tuesday, 19:28
We are in the same boat

$10K Taken Away From Belarusians Daily

The authorities earn dozens of thousands dollars from every kapeyka.

Rye bread has imperceptibly risen in price for 2 kapeykas. But if those 2 kapeykas are multiplied by the amount of bread consumed, then a profit of $ 10 thousand is obtained daily.

The expert of "Personal capital" on Belsat Mikhail Zaleski has calculated what food products have risen in price recently. He found out that the price increase happens all the time. Milk also increased in price by 2 kapeykas per liter, along with all dairy products.

"Citizens consume milk and dairy products in the amount of 280 kilograms per capita, it would have to be 354, scientists say, but something goes wrong. It’s not that there is a deficit in stores - rather, in wallets," says Mikhail Zalesski.

Meat, poultry, eggs are also becoming more expensive. One and a half percent, two, five, seven - not all consumers noticed those changes. But sellers earn dozens of thousands dollars from every kapeyka.