26 March 2019, Tuesday, 0:10
A Challenge for Everyone

Traffic Police Chasing Car In Minsk – Shoot-Up In Proximity To People


At least six crews took part in the chase.

Several crews of traffic police were chasing an Audi with shooting in Minsk. Readers informed tut.by about this.

The incident occurred on September 18, around 15.20. Eyewitnesses report that at least six traffic police crews participated in the chase.

"They almost blocked the car near Karona, but the car driver managed to escape from the" trap "along the lawns and sidewalks. A traffic police inspector, despite the fact that there were people nearby, started to shoot on the wheels," – Uladzimir says.

The readers report that the Audi driver continued to move in the direction of Prytytski Street and on Zhudro Street crashed the car. The man was detained.

Also there were reports that the chase of the Audi started in Zaslauje. This information is being checked.