24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:56
A Challenge for Everyone

Lukashenka: I Reminded Putin of Common Currency and Power Structures


The dictator discussed with the government results of negotiations with the ruler of the Russian Federation.

On January 10 Lukashenka held a meeting on the socio-economic development of the country for 2019 and approaches to further "development of integration trends". The press-service of the dictator informs.

"There is too much attention (I'm analyzing the situation in our society and Russia too) paid to the alliance of two states. There are a lot of questions about the church in Ukraine, about the autocephaly of our church in Belarus," Lukashenka said.

Lukashenka reminded that Belarus and Russia once had signed an agreement on the creation of a "union state" and developed their relations in strict compliance with the document. "We had to adopt a "constitutional act", i.e. the "constitution of the union state", and everything had to be determined there: governing bodies, power structures, the common currency, politics and so on. At the time Russia refused to pursue this. I reminded the President of Russia of this, and he said: "Yes, it was like that". The question is, what are we going to do about the alliance agreement? We need to sit down at the table and see what we can decide today under the agreement, what we can do together without any pressure," Lukashenka said.

"The year is going to be a tough one"

Opening the meeting, the dictator recalled that the holidays were over.

"Needless to say, the holidays are over and we must work hard. The year is going to be a tough one," Lukashenka said. - We did not rest like our neighbors, a week or two. We've been working for a long time, so we have the right frame of mind".

During the meeting the ruler suggested discussing the economic and socio-political development of Belarus for the year 2019. "This issue and an election year are increasingly discussed. It's true. We have enough issues to perform better than it is being done now," the dictator said.

According to him, the issues related to the development of the Belarusian-Russian relations, the cooperation of countries within the EEU and the CSTO are subject to discussion. The ruler intends to pay special attention to results of the negotiations with the President of Russia, held in late December last year.

"This all should be discussed so that there were no misunderstandings and, most importantly, so that you did not have any doubts about the resolution of acute issues for our country," Lukashenka added.