20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:18
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Yazep Yanushkevich: Without Yury Turanok, Belarusians Would Have Looked For Way To Truth For Long Time


The great Belarusian restored the most important pages of our history.

On January 10, Warsaw bid farewell to the great Belarusian Yury Turanok, Belsat reports.

The eminent historian and activist of the Belarusian minority in Poland went to a better world on January 2.

He was born and lived all his life outside of the present-day Belarus, but he devoted his whole life to it – our common homeland, which is beyond the control of borders or time.

Yazep Yanushkevich, a writer and archeographer, said:

“The figure, fame and significance of Yury Turanok are better known in Belarus than in Poland. Turanok lived outside the political Belarus, but the education, language, memory in his house, in his family were precisely Belarusian. It is very important that the historian wrote the truth. That bloody history, about which Yury Turanok wrote, is evidence of his conviction that there are no taboo topics. If you are truthful, then even where there is blood, there will be a light of truth. During Turanok’s funeral, it sounded that the Belarusians in Podlasie would have looked for a way to Belarus much longer without Yury Turanok. And in general it is not known if they could find it in the way they see it now, in the 21st century.”