23 April 2019, Tuesday, 16:05
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"Health Workers' Case": How and Why Deputy Minister Ihar Lasitski Is Tried

Ihar Lasitski
Photo by Nasha Niva

Another scandalous trial has started today.

January 11, Minsk city court started another trial within the so-called "health workers' case". Deputy Health Minister Ihar Lasitski accused of bribery is on the dock, nn.by writes.

It will be recalled that in summer of 2018, a number of detentions was carried out in the medical field "as part of anti-corruption efforts". Ordinary medical practitioners, chiefs and functionaries were also detained. 95 criminal cases were opened. More than 60 people were involved.

One of them is 51-year-old Ihar Lasitski. According to the investigation, he took bribes. Uladzimir Krauchonak, the former chief physician of the dental polyclinic No. 12 of Minsk, is also being tried together with Lasitski. 56-year-old Krauchonak is also accused of bribery.

Both face up to 15 years in prison.

Lasitski has been in custody. Today Krauchonak is under house arrest (he even works as an ordinary dentist in Polyclinic No. 7), he signed an agreement with the investigation, and therefore, most likely, he can count on more lenient sentence.

Ihar Lasitski comes from Brest, a family of health workers. Mother was an obstetrician, father a military dermatologist/venereologist. Lasitski studied in Minsk, but went to Brest to work as a pediatrician.

Later he became the chief physician. By the way, when Lasitski headed the Brest Children's Hospital, Vasili Zharko, today's Minister of Health, used to be his deputy.

Then for 5 years Lasitski headed the health department of the Brest Regional Executive Committee. In 2013 Vasili Zharko, who at that time had already become the Minister of Health, invited his former head to the capital. Ihar Lasitski was appointed Zharko's deputy, was responsible for logistics and construction, as well as the export of medical services.