16 July 2019, Tuesday, 0:12
We are in the same boat

Volha Nikalaichyk: We Will Cope Because Our Goal Is Free Belarus


The activist has commented on another provocation of the authorities.

Yesterday, well-known activist and director Volha Nikalaichyk informed on Facebookthat she had received a summons to the Pershamaiski district court of Minsk in the case of restricting her from travelling abroad for “some debts” for 4 pm of January 14.

The Charter97.org website has decided to find out the details:

– For the time being, nothing is really known. I'm going to visit them soon. Allegedly, I did not pay for something.

I can say that I paid the fines, but, you know, maybe they fastened on the debt for water of 30 rubles ($ 15). Although the financial situation of the Belarusians is such that a debt of 30 rubles is not surprising, and no one in this case touches anyone.

You know, they turned off the gas once for a small debt, but now they will try me nobody knows what for. I always laugh when they cut off electricity before different holidays. For example, they turned it off on December 18, before the anniversary of the Square, so that I could not go online and remind about the events of 2010. Maybe they have found a fine from the traffic police, about which I have no information.

I believe that such summons – it’s just well-targeted pressure on activists. The authorities known that I do not have a job, money.

–- What would you say to the authorities on their provocations?

– They will not succeed. I will find the reason why this summons was sent to me and I will settle everything. They will have to look for a new reason.

These vassals, sitting near the trough and robbing people, just fight with the citizens of Belarus, the real patriots. Their goal is to destroy everything national. They want to scare me, but I will get out, will find a way. I repeat, they will not succeed.

It is unpleasant, of course, that they treat patriots this way, but we will survive, we will cope because we have a goal – an independent, free Belarus. Their protocols are just pieces of paper for me.