21 July 2019, Sunday, 6:26
We are in the same boat

Residents Of Agro-Town Near Mahiliou Demanded Authorities To Protect Them From Omsk Karbon


In late December, the inhabitants of Veina saw a layer of soot on their windowsills.

Andrey Badziliou, the coordinator of the campaign For Healthy Mogilev, who was one of the first to publicly declare soot pollution of the agro-town of Veina near Mahiliou, reported on sending thirty signatures to various authorities, mspring.online reports.

– We have collected 90 signatures in total, but we have sent out only 30 so far. Now we are massively collecting signatures for the next appeal, – the activist said.

According to him, Veina residents have signed the petition demanding to conduct an environmental assessment of the area where the carbon black manufacturing plant Omsk Karbon Mahiliou is located.

In addition, they asked to eliminate violations concerning filtration and sewage treatment facilities of the plant, and inform them about the environmental situation in their area.

The activist sent the petition to Lukashenka's administration, the Mahiliou chief sanitary doctor, as well as to the “deputy” of the “house of representatives” Anatol Khishchanka.

Badziliou himself is sure that basic environmental standards were not observed when building and launching the plant.

In late December, Veina inhabitants saw a layer of soot on their window sills. Later it was reported that in the very first month of its work, the plant exceeded the standard for solid grains by a factor of 40: 690.17 mg / m³, with a standard of 17.01 mg / m³. At the moment, the work of the plant is suspended until spring.