21 July 2019, Sunday, 6:25
We are in the same boat

Lukashenka Instructed To Organize Oil Delivery Through Baltic Countries

But the dictator’s proposal is not profitable for the Baltic countries.

Belarus plans to start oil delivery to the country through the ports of the Baltic countries. The assignment to work on this question was given to the government by Lukashenka.

“I have set the task a long time ago, and we need to solve it: to open an alternative oil delivery through the Baltic ports,” – the BelTA agency quotes Lukashenka.

The dictator notes that if Lithuania does not agree to these conditions, then “it is necessary to make agreements with the Latvians and buy this oil.” “To process it at the Navapolatsk oil refinery and to provide it to the Baltic republics,” – Lukashenka stresses.

According to the Belarusian ruler, it will be more profitable for the Baltic countries than the current agreement, under which petroleum products are purchased at world prices.

Lukashenka also ordered the government to compensate the costs in any areas of cooperation with Russia. “We cannot bear losses to the level of last year. Therefore, all losses should be compensated in one or another area of cooperation with the Russian Federation,” – he said.

Lukashenka’s offer is not profitable for the Baltic States

According to Lukashenka, “it is possible to agree with Lithuania or Latvia that this will be our joint oil, which we will process at the modernized Navapolatsk refinery,” and then it will be cheaper for the Baltic countries to buy Belarusian oil products than those that are currently bought at world prices.

As Radio Svaboda writes, if Belarus (even with the participation of Lithuania or Latvia) buys oil at world prices, then the margin from oil products will not be big enough to share.

It will be more profitable for Lithuanians or Latvians to buy oil products from other refineries, which buy oil at the same world prices, but offer lower prices due to lower delivery costs.