25 April 2019, Thursday, 17:57
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Union of Poles In Belarus Organizes Holiday Despite Authorities' Prohibition


The Christmas parties were attended by hundreds of children in several towns and cities.

The Christmas party has become a holiday for 500 children, teachers and parents who study Polish in different towns and cities of Belarus, reports Belsat.

Mazyr, Braslau, Barysau, Vileyka, Staubtsy - these are only some of the towns where students from Polish groups come. Children, their parents and teachers were welcomed by the Ambassador of Poland to Belarus.

“There are a lot of Poles in Belarus, many people remember their roots and want to learn Polish. It's fine. And we hope that they will have this opportunity further on,” said Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Artur Michalski.

On the eve of the event, the administration of a Minsk club refused to provide premises for the celebration, without any explanations. Acting in a semi-legal state for the twentieth year, the Union of Poles organized a holiday despite traditional obstacles.

“We feel pressure from the authorities, but this is above all - children who are forbidden by the authorities to participate in such holidays near the Christmas tree, where children can tell a poem in Polish, sing a song, get a gift from St. Nicholas,” says Chairperson of the Union of Poles in Belarus Angelika Borys.

Meanwhile, not only children and ethnic Poles, but also Belarusians of all ages, are studying Polish in Belarus.

“Poland is our neighbor, we have a good relationship, and lately a lot of people are trying to go there to work, because in Belarus it’s hard to find a job. Therefore, people are trying to learn Polish,” says Alena Marchukevich, Chairperson of the Union of Poles in Minsk.