20 April 2019, Saturday, 6:10
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Roman Bessmertnyi: Lukashenka Turns Belarus Into Lowlife Country


The dictator is a tool which is taking the last shirts off Belarusians' backs.

Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, Ukrainian politician Roman Bessmertnyi told this on air of NewsOne TV channel.

''The statistical data of Belarus and the reality remain two different indexes. If the glut makes 60%, it means you need to extract these per cents from the figure you indicate, and then you will have an idea about the real incomes in this country,'' the Ukrainian diplomat notes.

Roman Bessmertnyi thinks that Lukashenka is a tool to take the last shirts off Belarusians' backs.

''Please also note the price positions of the power resources: regarding oil and gas, and external indices, and take away this difference as well. Then you will see that Lukashenka in himself is just a tool to take the last shirts off Belarusians' backs. There have never been no well-being, no economic growth, and the situation has remained unchanged. It will not change either if they preserve this system. This is nothing but the pump sucking away the resourses, the labor and the stock from Belarus, turning Belarus into a totally lowlife country,'' the ex-Ambassador states.

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