21 April 2019, Sunday, 12:18
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Belarusian NPP's Spent Nuclear Fuel Will Be Stored In Belarus

Belarus considers three scenarios of handling the Belarusian NPP's SNF.

All of them provide for its storage on the Belarusian territory in one form or another.

The scenarios are described in the environmental report of the Joint Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research – Sosny.

The first option is to send the irradiated fuel assembly (SFA) for reprocessing in the Russian Federation with the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) on the territory of the Russian Federation and further return of high level waste (HLW) to Belarus, Belsat reports.

The second option is to send the BelNPP's SFA to Russia for reprocessing; it includes the "dry" storage of SNF in Belarus with the subsequent return and preservation of HLW to Belarus.

The third option is long-term storage of SFAs, including their subsequent burying in Belarus.

The report also provides an assessment of the necessary infrastructure for all three options.

The report on the draft strategy for the treatment of spent fuel of the Belarusian nuclear power plant will be discussed in Astravets on January 14 in the framework of public hearings.