21 April 2019, Sunday, 12:18
For our and your freedom!

We Demand “Five Hundred To Everyone”: Rudabelka Residents Called For Strike

Andrei Pavuk called to demand from the authorities a salary of $ 500.

Rudabelka blogger and activist, founder of the “Rudabelka Window Dressing” YouTube channel, Andrei Pavuk voiced a proposal in one of his regular videos – residents of the district must not go to work for one day, demanding a salary of $ 500, which Lukashenka promised long ago, Novy Chas writes.

The proposal was announced in the Stupefying Extraordinary Commission program, in which the blogger discusses the weekly issue of the Chyrvony Kastrychnik newspaper:

“We offer you to take responsibility for managing the region in 2019. We invite you, Rudabelka residents, not to be indifferent: to hold a peaceful protest. Everyone must not go to work for one day. Let’s demand 500 dollar salary and reanimobile. We have that right.”

The reaction of local officials to this proposal is not yet known.