20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:19
For our and your freedom!

Builder From Babruisk: There’s Fraud Flourishing In Our Trust


A Babrusik resident spoke about a number of violations at the construction company.

A reader from Babruisk addressed to the editor’s office of Charter97.org, revealing violations at the construction company:

“Construction Trust #13 in Babruisk publishes a vacancy with a salary of BYN 1000. Meanwhile, the real salary makes approximately the minimal wage. This is a deception of the population. Good specialists are forced to retire from the Trust to support their families.

Wages are paid on the 30-31th day of the next month late in the evening. Winter overalls are not provided. Neither are mittens or gloves.

A large number of people from the local liberty restriction facility work at the construction trust, as a free builder who knows the state of affairs in the construction trust does not want to work there.

Over 70% of the total amount is decucted from peoples’ wages under the writs of execution. Workers receive less than 30%. This is below the subsistence minimum, which suggests that Article 108 of the Labor Code of Belarus is systematically violated.

But the money, which is deducted from the wages for alimony, does not reach mothers and wives for a very long time.

The construction trust uses the money arbitrarily.

No alimony is paid to the wives' accounts. This proves that “fraud” is flourishing in the trust, which should be punished by initiating criminal cases against the perpetrators,” the builder concluded.

Earlier, the website Сharter97.org wrote about the builder from Babruisk, who “earned” BYN -11.