20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:23
For our and your freedom!

Brest Resident: Life-Size Puppet Fox Will Surely Come To Feed Pigeons Again!

The police have returned the fox outfit to the activist.

Two months ago, Kanstantsin Astapuk was detained in Brest during the action of protest against the construction of a battery plant in the city. The police took away his life-size puppet fox outfit, and have returned it only today.

- They told me in the police that I had violated nothing so they returned my foxie outfit. However, I am going to sue the police for the illegal detention and holding me in the detention center for no grounds for 24 hours. I returned the fox outfit to the real owners, but the life-size puppet fox will surely come to feed pigeons again. Just wait and see! - Kanstantsin Astapuk told Belsat.eu.

Important to note, on November 11 Kanstantsin Astapuk came to the Lenin Square in Brest inside a life-size puppet fox to participate in the action of protest against the construction of the battery plant. After the action, Astapuk was detained by the riot police and spent 24 hours in the temporary detention center of Brest. On the next day, Astapuk was released, but the fox outfit was returned to him only after two months, when the terms for conducting administrative proceedings had expired.

Kanstantsin Astapuk reported there have been threats from the police twice. After that, the officers of the Leninski district police department have left the man alone.