23 April 2019, Tuesday, 16:04
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Lukashenka To Putin's Crony: Talk Me Through Situation In Ukraine

The dictator asked the pro-Russian politician to tell him about the internal political kitchen of Ukraine.

Lukashenka met with the head of the political council of the Ukrainian party “For Life” Viktor Medvedchuk in Minsk and asked to tell him about the situation in Ukraine. It is reported by the dictator’s press service.

Lukashenka recalled the old myth about refugees who had come to Belarus to live and work when the war started in the Donbas.

“And we provided them with equal conditions and rights with our Belarusians. Although it was not easy then. But, thank God, everything has worked itself out. Some of them have returned back, some of them go back and forth, and some of them have settled, live and work here as our close, dear people,” – Lukashenka said.

Medvedchuk, in turn, reminded that Belarus provided a platform for discussing the settlement of the situation in Ukraine and expressed regret that the conditions of the Minsk agreements had not been met.

“You have information about politics, the current internal political kitchen. From the point of view of our future behavior, your information is very important to us. You must orient me somehow in this situation,” – Lukashenka added.

Viktor Medvedchuk is considered a pro-Russian politician in Ukraine. He is often called Putin’s crony, because the Russian president is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter Darja.

In 2012, Medvedchuk created the Ukrainian Choice movement, which advocated Ukraine’s entry into integration structures with Russia.